Chinook 100 gr.



Uppskera 2015

Alpha acid content: 10-14%.

Verð frá

4 – 7 stk     10% afsl.

8 stk plús    20% afsl.

Humlar sem hægt er að nota í staðinn.


Leiðbeinandi notkun:   US style pale ale, IPA, Stout, Porter, Barley Wine, Lager (Bittering)


American cross between Petham Golding and a USDA-selected male. Slightly spicy and very piney. Can be used as bittering hop in all beers and specifically in pale ale, IPA, stout, porter, lagers. Alpha acid content: 10-14%. The exact alpha acid content is indicated on every package.

Hop pellets are destalked ground hops pressed into little pellets. Use about 10 % less than when using hop cones with a similar alpha level. Hop pellets can be preserved longer and are usually available for a longer period of time during the course of the season.

All our hops are packed in special vacuum packages for optimal storage life and placed in a cold storage room at 5 °C. The availability and alpha acid content strongly depend on the harvest.

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