Fyrir 10-50 ltr.

Önnur ger sem koma til greina;

CY17, er ætlað kampavínum (kolsýrðum vínum) sem eru sætari

CL23, er ætlað kampavínum (kolsýrðum vínum) sem eru súrari (dry)

Ekki til á lager


For wine making to ferment juice of grapes and fruits, fruit-mash and for fruitbrandy.
Notist fyrir 10 – 50 l

This Prisse de Mousse strain is fast-starting, clean and neutral. EC-1118 is a popular choice because of its consistently strong fermentation characteristics and high alcohol tolerance, up to 18%. The first choice for champagne and sparkling wines. Also good for restarting stuck fermentations. Ferments between 10°C and 26°C.

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