Ljósbrotsmælir Brix 0-32 (Refractometer specific gravity)


Notað til að mæla sykrur fyrir og eftir í wort.  Brix mælir frá 0 – 32
sjá Brix yfir í SP Reiknivél.


1. High quality pure aluminum body construction
2. Uses ambient light only which means battery or power source is not required
3. Easy to focus and calibrate
4. Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubber
5. With ATC function(ATC Compensation Range: 10°C~30°C (50°F~86°F))
6. Durable and built to last long


Model RHB-32 ATC   Refractometer
Measurement   ranges 0-32% Brix
Accuracy 0.2% Brix
Resolution ±0.20% Brix
Scale view blob.png
ATC temp. 10-30°C (50°F~86°F)
Material Pure aluminum
Refractometer   dimensions 170x32x32mm/6.7×1.3×1.3in
Refractometer   net weight 128g/4.5oz
Package size 205x8x137.5px / 8 * 3.5 * 2.3in
Package   weight 282g/10oz

Package list:
1x ATC Refractometer
1x Pipettes
1x A Mini-screw driver
1x Protective carrying case
1x manual
1x Clean cloth

(specific gravity befor and after fermentation in wort.

Þyngd 2 kg
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