Magnum – lauf – 50 gr


Magnum Lauf 50 gr.

Uppskera 2015

Alpha acid content: 12-14%.

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4 – 7 stk   10% afsl.

8 stk plús 20% afsl.

Humlar sem hægt er að nota í staðinn.

Hallertauer Taurus, Columbus, Nugget

Leiðbeinandi notkun: Lagers, Pilsner types, Stout, Ales. Typically base bitterness in Lager beers

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Hallertaur Magnum is an example to the rest of the hops world that aroma isn’t everything. The Hops Research Institute in Hull, Germany produced this variety that has become the second largest produced alpha variety from the region.

Hallertaur Magnum, or Magnum, is commonly used as a base bittering hops in many beer recipes. It provides the bitter foundation from which to build upon in a well formulated brew. Hallertauer Magnum has a somewhat unnoticeable aroma. And although this lack of character which gives so many other varieties their luster, it comes as an asset for this variety as it offers the brewer a different type of tool for the pot. Hallertauer Magnum has a high alpha acid rating of 12.0%-14.0%. And although the essential oils are very present, and the total oil within the cones is on the high side, the overall combination along with the genetics downplay their overall influence. These characteristics combined, make Hallertauer Magnum extremely appropriate for early boil additions in the wort.

The agricultural characteristics of Hallertauer Magnum hops are mixed. The large and moderately compact cones can be harvested late in the season, although the yield per acre is very modest. This variety has tolerance to wilt, but is susceptible to powdery mildew. Aside from these traits, it is apparent that Hallertauer Magnum has been accepted by the brewing community. It is used in a wide range of beer styles, and is enjoyed around the globe.

– Beerlegend

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