Marynka – 100 gr.


Marynka Pólland
Alpha acid content: 9 – 12%.
Uppskera 2018

Humlar sem hægt er að nota í staðinn.
Bjór stílar: Bitter, India Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Pilsner
Karakter: Floral, Herbal, Resinous

Flokkar: ,

Marynka Hops is one of the few Polish Hops on the market. It shares the same pride as Lublin Hops and shares much of the same growing area, largely outside of the city of Lublin, Poland.

Marynka Hops is primarily used for its bittering qualities in beer, and has an alpha acid rating of 9.0%-12.0%. It also has a heavy, up front aroma with essence of earthy and herbal tones. The humulene and farnesene oils are on the upside for this dual purpose hops. It is commonly used in beer styles such as Pilsners and Lagers, which dominate the Polish beers, but is also found in Pale Ales, as well as Porter.

Marynka Hops has a moderate yield, and produces compact cones. The bitterness and aroma of this variety are becoming more sought after by the craft brewing industry.

– Beerlegend

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