Riesling Original Alljuice 23LT


A nice bright yellow with slight green highlights can only be found within a true Riesling. It is crisp and fresh with aromas of apples and apple blossoms with a lime/lemon hint. This wine has a fresh attack along with a lively finish. Savoring it ice cold is truly perfect on a warm summer’s night.

Aroma: :Fruity, Nutty, Spicy, Woody
Origin:South American
Winemaker addition:Dark Oak


Mosti Mondiale’s 23L Original AllJuice is a true 100% pasteurized fresh grape must product. Experienced winemakers looking to compliment their skills and patience will become instantly rewarded with the introduction of fresh grape must. With over 25 varieties sourced from all over the world, the Original AllJuice will instantly become apart of your cellar.
Þyngd 27 kg
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