Topsflo TD5-A24 Brushless Pump


Topsflo TD5 er burstalaus dæla mikil afköst,sem hentar einkar vel fyrir bruggið.
Þessi dæla er hægt að nota í alt að 400lt brugg tæki,  lágvær og endingargóð.
Frábær 24v dæla með ryðfríum haus og 1/2″ fittings
Er með 220 v spennibreyti,   tilbúin til notkunar

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Product Features:

● With food grade stainless steel, very safe and reliable
● Advanced magnetic driving technology for staticseal,without any leakage forever
● High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime 20,000hours
● Durable permanent magnetic rotor with one-off injection incorporated impeller in smooth balance
● Heavy duty work, can sustain continuous 24hours work special designed high efficiency closed-type impeller
● Over-voltage protection, over-current protection
● Sustain 110℃ hot water circulation
● Low or no maintenance
● Blocked protection

● Polarity protection


DC brushless motor with energy efficiency technology use MPPT by micro processor, and variable speed & power consumption optional by dial control.Stable & advanced soft-starting function, very low in-rush current, perfect for working directly with PV panel.Impeller

Highly efficient and dynamically balanced with fine stainless steel bearing for smooth ultra quiet operation.Over voltage protection

When the voltage over 28V, the pump will auto-protect and shut off own power supply, when the voltage falls below 28V, the pump will restart automatically.Over load protection function

This means that when the current is over the rated current, such as can arise if the impeller is stuck due

to debris. The pump will automatically stop to prevent damage, and will restart when the current falls again.


Home Beer Brewing
Hot Water Circulation
Beverage Dispenser
General Liquid Transfer
Model Product Code Max Flow Rate (L/Min)  Voltage (DC) Current (A) Max Water Head (M)  Power (W) Adaptor Type

with adaptor

TD5-A24-2705-P/US 27L 24V 1.4A 5M 35W USA
TD5-A24-2705-P/UK 27L 24V 1.4A 5M 35W  UK
TD5-A24-2705-P/EU 27L 24V 1.4A 5M 35W European
TD5-A24-2705-P/AU 27L 24V 1.4A 5M 35W Australia
Note: „P“ means DC adaptor power supplying transformer, „US/UK/EU/AU“ means adaptor type

without adaptor

TD5-A24-2705 27L 24V 1.4A 5M 35W /
TD5-A24-2705 /5V 27L 24V 1.4A 5M 35W /
Note: TD5-A24-2705 is normal 2 wires type;  TD5-A24-2705 is 3 wires with 0~5V speed control wire.
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